Dear Valued Customers,

We're reaching out to you today not just as a 3d printing brand, but as partners in creation, to share with you a milestone that is close to our hearts. It's about more than just the launch of a product; it's about realizing a dream that began with a desire to make something we could all be proud of – right here in our own backyard. This letter is our way of drawing you closer into the HATCHBOX family and sharing with you our journey with PLA MAX, our very first step towards reinventing the future of 3D printing materials in the USA.

Printing a Sustainable Future

PLA MAX was born from a simple yet profound goal: to craft a filament that's not just superior in quality but also embodies our commitment to our environment and our community. Every roll of PLA MAX you purchase plays a part in creating more US jobs, supporting the national economy, and making 3D printing as eco-friendly as possible. This is because, at HATCHBOX, we believe in not just creating products, but in nurturing an ecosystem that supports American jobs, reduces carbon footprints, and champions local materials.

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PLA MAX is a game-changing 3D printer filament known for its impressive strength and unique semi-gloss finish, perfect for creators who value both quality and durability. By combining the reliability of PLA filament with enhanced performance features, PLA MAX helps you produce prints that look amazing and stand the test of time.

• Made in the USA
• 1.75 MM - 1 KG Spool
• Print Temperature - 190°C - 210°C
• Improved Strength
• Extremely Easy to Use
• Eco-Friendly


Beyond PLA MAX

Our vision doesn't stop with PLA MAX. It's merely the beginning. We envision HATCHBOX becoming a pioneer in USA-made filaments, bringing to you a variety of materials that stand testament to American ingenuity and quality. We're on a mission to make 3D printing materials that are not only outstanding in their results but also kind to our planet and supportive of our local economy. It's a revolution we're thrilled to lead, and we're inviting you to be a part of it.

What's next, you ask?

Our team is already amidst the exciting process of developing the next line of USA-made filament materials. Materials that we hope you will hold in the same high regard as PLA MAX. This is just the beginning, and your support has been pivotal in bringing this vision to life. We thank you for being part of our community and allowing us to provide you with top-quality 3D printing materials for all your creative needs. Together, we're not just printing; we're making a difference.

With heartfelt thanks and eagerness for what lies ahead,