Hatchbox 3D pledge to reduce our carbon footprint and become an eco friendly company

Pledge To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

HATCHBOX is on a mission to make our company, our industry, and the 3D printing community more environmentally friendly. Every decision we make will do more than turn HATCHBOX into an eco-friendly company. Sustainability will become part of our customers’ 3D printing experience just by using our filaments. Two initiatives we have already started include:

  • Finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Designing more recyclable products and packaging.

By creating our own environmental impact, we hope your choice of HATCHBOX 3D printing filaments helps you improve your local environment and make the world a better place.

Hatchbox 3D is helping our world reduce waste, eliminate pollution and slow climate change


We believe in 3D printing’s revolutionary potential to drive circular economies and environmental sustainability. Yet we still have a long way to go before that vision becomes reality.

We believe in the power of individual people and businesses to address environmental issues. Even the simplest changes can help the environment by reducing waste, eliminating pollution, and slowing climate change.

We believe that, together, we can protect our planet and provide a greener, more sustainable world for future generations.

Hatchbox 3D eco friendly filament
Hatchbox 3D is producing more sustainable 3d printing filaments using Natureworks ingeo biopolymers. Hatchbox 3D is producing more sustainable 3d printing filaments using Natureworks ingeo biopolymers.


Additive manufacturing and home 3D printing were supposed to be better for the environment than traditional subtractive techniques. But that has not always happened. Many plastic filaments are made from petroleum products rather than more sustainable materials. Even when biodegradable, plastics are buried or burned rather than recycled or composted.

HATCHBOX is already making 3D printing more sustainable by producing filaments from NatureWorks Ingeo biopolymers and by using recycled materials in our packaging. Eco-friendly products and recyclable packaging set HATCHBOX on a course to become better citizens of Earth.

NatureWorks 3d printing optimized PLA materials logo


In many ways, Nature is the original additive manufacturer, combining sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to build our environment. NatureWorks takes a similar approach by turning sustainably-grown plants into its Ingeo brand of 3D printing-optimized PLA materials. That is why Ingeo PLA has a carbon footprint 75%-90% lower than other polymers used to create filament. In effect, the PLA filament you buy from HATCHBOX started as atmospheric carbon dioxide absorbed by fields of plants.


Biodegradability is another reason we chose Ingeo PLA as the raw material for HATCHBOX PLA filament. Polylactic acid is a biopolymer composed of lactic acid chains. When exposed to heat and moisture, these chains biodegrade — breaking into smaller and smaller pieces until only lactic acid molecules are left. Thanks to four billion years of evolution, lots of bio-organisms love to eat lactic acid and leave behind nutrients. Composting facilities combine these organisms with the right temperature and humidity levels to turn waste PLA into compost within a few months.

Hatchbox 3D PLA raw material molecules

Fully Recyclable Cardboard Boxes

Hatchbox 3D is working on becoming an environmentally friendly company by producing sustainable 3D printing materialsHatchbox 3D is working on becoming an environmentally friendly company by producing sustainable 3D printing materials


Biodegradable plastic and cardboard recycling are only the first steps towards making HATCHBOX truly environmentally friendly. We have several green projects underway that will improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. These projects focus on finding more sustainable and recyclable materials for the HATCHBOX products you buy. Most importantly, we will do this in ways that make your own green efforts easier.

Hatchbox 3D wants to protect the environment and help the planet thrive by reducing our footprint


Everyone at HATCHBOX wants to do their part to protect the environment and help our planet thrive. Sharing our plans for recyclable packaging and more sustainable filaments that biodegrade helps you understand how your choices can have an impact.

Making it easier for you to reduce, reuse, and recycle is a small step towards sustainability. When we all take steps like these, we can make a difference and create a better future for everyone on Earth.