All 3D Printer Filaments


      HATCHBOX 3D printer filaments are made from a class of temperature-sensitive materials called thermoplastics. Rather than decomposing or burning when heated, thermoplastics melt and then resolidify as they cool....

      Fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printers melt and cool thermoplastic filaments to print 3D objects. FDM 3D printing uses software to “slice” a 3D model into a series of 2D patterns. The printer extrudes molten 3D filament to create each pattern and build a 3D object layer by layer. 3D Printer Filament Types

      The nature of your print jobs will determine the best 3D printer filament types for you. The most common options offer a wide variety of colors, additives, and physical properties.

      PLA: Made from renewable resources, PLA filament is easy and safe to use, making it a good choice for desktop printing in schools, homes, and offices.

      ABS: ABS filamentis better for making structural objects since they will be stronger and more impact resistant than those made with PLA.

      PETG: Although prone to oozing, PETG filament offers durability similar to ABS without the need for enclosed print volumes or ventilation.

      PA: Also known as nylon, PA is the best 3D filament type for gears, bearings, and other objects that must resist wear.

      PC: You can make high-strength, translucent objects using PC filament, but it requires printers that support high nozzle temperatures and ventilation.

      PPLA: Performance PLA, or PPLA, combines the engineering properties of ABS with PLA’s ease of use.

      TPU: The rubber-like properties of TPU yield flexible objects such as smartphone cases or compressible objects such as gaskets.

      Originally developed for rapid prototyping, FDM 3D printing now supports a wide range of applications including school projects, household applications, and additive manufacturing. Whatever your use case, you can find a 3D filament to suit your needs. And if you are wondering where to buy 3D filament, there is no better place than HATCHBOX.