PPLA 1.75mm Filament


      Performance PLA is a high-toughness grade of PLA that marries the convenience of standard PLA with the performance of engineering filaments. Like standard PLA, PPLA materials are compatible with a wide ...range of FDM printers and both sustainable and biodegradable. Choose PPLA filament when 3D printing functional parts or large prototypes.

      Unlike PLA, its sister 3D printer filament, PPLA materials are graded to yield parts that have better impact toughness. You still get the benefits of standard PLA with relatively low PPLA print temperatures, detailed prints and less warping and bold colors like yellow PPLA filament. During and after printing, PPLA is non-toxic and does not emit noxious fumes.

      You can treat PPLA the same way you do your standard PLA filaments. PPLA print temperatures are slightly higher, but you will not have to heat the print bed. Use your preferred post-processing techniques to remove blemishes and smooth the surface finish. Use an oven to anneal the final part for better impact resistance.

      PPLA 3D printing gives you many of the benefits of ABS without the drawbacks. ABS is prone to warping, requires an enclosed print volume and needs to be ventilated to remove noxious emissions. Performance PLA, on the other hand, prints cleanly and accurately. For less hassle, you get a final part that can take a beating.