Welcome to the HATCHBOX 3D Wholesale Program - the solution for your high-volume 3D printing filament needs.

Do you go through a lot of filament? You may design innovative new products, create incredible 3D art, run community makerspaces, or teach kids next-generation additive manufacturing skills. If any of that sounds familiar, then you know that using all that filament can be expensive. Why should your filament budget limit your creativity or innovation? You need a place where, to buy filaments at wholesale prices, you do not have to be a large manufacturer.

The HATCHBOX 3D Wholesale Program is here to support your high-volume 3D printing needs. With our discounted rates and other benefits, you can save money and print more.

We invite 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts alike to register today so you can start benefiting from the HATCHBOX 3D Wholesale Program’s affordable pricing!


When kids get excited about making, they can go through a lot of filament. Wholesale PLA filament pricing helps your classroom or library makerspace awaken a new generation of kids to the possibilities of STEAM by letting their imaginations run free!


Whether you need wholesale PETG filament pricing to support additive manufacturing or wholesale ABS pricing to support rapid prototyping, our program will make developing your innovative products more cost-effective. Discounted rates are available on our full range of engineering and prototyping filaments.


Reselling HATCHBOX 3D filaments to customers in your local community does more than give your 3D printing company an extra revenue stream. When you provide your customers quality filaments at affordable rates, you reinforce your company’s value to your customers.(Note: Amazon resellers are not eligible for this program.)


Are you the go-to maker in the family? Are you thinking about starting a business? Or do you just like to print big and print often? No matter what the reason, we encourage hobbyists who need a lot of filament to join the HATCHBOX 3D Wholesale Program.

Not sure whether you fit into these categories? Register and let us know about the great things you do that take so much filament. We are not the 3D printing gatekeepers. Everything we do at HATCHBOX 3D centers around helping everyone create, innovate, and expand their potential through 3D printing. Offering 3D filaments at wholesale pricing helps you get the filament you need whenever you need it.


HATCHBOX 3D filaments offer unrivaled quality and printability for your 3D printing projects. Joining the HATCHBOX 3D Wholesale Program lets you get the most out of your filament budget by offering many ways to save.


As a program member, you get predictable, year-round discounts on HATCHBOX 3D filaments at wholesale pricing so you can reliably budget your filament purchases.


The HATCHBOX 3D Wholesale Program is not required to collect sales tax. No matter where in the United States you live, we will not add state or local tax charges to your purchases.


Throughout the year, we send our program members exclusive promotions and offers. The deals could help you explore other colors, test new filament types, or simply save more money.


When we ship multiple items in the same box, we get a discount from our logistics provider. We share those savings with you automatically when you place your filament orders.



The first step to joining the HATCHBOX 3D Wholesale Program is providing your business name, address, website, email address, and phone number.


Letting us know what your organization does and how you use 3D printing filaments, does more than help us qualify you for the program. Understanding our program members’ needs helps us improve the program as well as our products.


As a wholesale program, we are required to collect members’ 1) EIN (Tax ID)* and 2) Sellers Permit.

*If you do not have your Federal EIN document, please obtain for free via the IRS website.


After reviewing your registration information and approving your membership, we will email a link to our wholesale site where you can create your unique account. Please allow up to 5 business days for review and approval; Approval emails are generally sent within 5 business days of receiving the application.


You get access to our exclusive discounts from the minute you enter our wholesale account. Place your first filament order and enjoy the savings!


The HATCHBOX 3D Wholesale Program serves the needs of the 3D printing community by helping people afford high-volume filament printing.Without exception, our discounts arenot available to Amazon resellers. Reselling through your physical store or company website is fine. But if you resell filament purchased from our Wholesale Site on Amazon,we will suspend your account. Please don’t take the chance.